Day 2992, March 20, 2018 – Pals

Day 2992The first day of Spring here in Southern Wisconsin was cool and cloudy. Some sun, but not too much. I guess Spring will be a few days late. Kali was up for today’s image with her pals.

Eight days to go.

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Day 2990, March 18, 2018 – Reflections

Day 2990It was a great day here in Southern Wisconsin with lots of sun and warmth. I like to capture reflections on water or objects. Today was a great day for water reflections with the sun out and lots of standing water from the snow and ice melts.

Not only is today’s image of reflections in water, but I am also reflecting on the last 2,990 days of posting images. As I approach 3000 days of capturing an image and posting that image on two Websites, I am wondering if it is time to take a break from the daily routine of coming up with something to post. It has been over 8 years of daily postings and I think I am starting to repeat myself too many times. That and the Website is taking more of my free time as it grows. I have 10 days to decide. Time to reflect I guess.

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