Day 3000, March 28, 2018 – Me

Day 30003000 days ago I started this project. I started with a selfie, I thought if this is my last posting, I would go out with a selfie. Wednesday night is “Date Night” for Ann and myself. We go into Oregon, we eat at Maria’s Pizza, fill her car up with gas and head home. So I thought going out with a selfie of myself, Maria’s Pizza and the Oregon “Tin Man” water tower in the background would be a fitting way to exit.

Tomorrow when I wake up, I will have to decide if I will do number 3001 or go out with 3000 images. My website, is taking up more and more of my time. Most of the year, I have had a harder time finding something to capture that is not a cat. Nothing wrong with a cat image, but I need to diversify some.

If this is my last image, thanks everyone who viewed any of the 3000 images, thanks. It has been fun!

To use a quote from one of my favorite books; “So long and thanks for the fish!”

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