Day 1776, November 20, 2014 – Vintage Apple Still Life

Vintage Apple Still Life

Vintage Apple Still Life

First, 1776 was a good year. Tonight after dinner I spent another night photographing Vintage Apple Service parts that I pulled out of storage to sell on eBay. These are parts I acquired in the 1990’s, some new, some purchased from a dealer going out of business. I dust off a box, photograph the box, photograph the label, then open the box and photograph the contents. Pretty exciting photography work, if you can get it! One of the parts that I photographed tonight was this service part for an early, very early Macintosh. The copyright is 1983-1984. The Macintosh was introduced during the 1984 Super Bowl. Interesting. Also interesting for the geeks out there, is the crudeness of the board compared to today’s standards.

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