Day 1800, December 14, 2014 – Newbie Working

Newbie Working

Newbie Working

Today is the 1800th day that I have posted a Picture-Of-The-Day image. Just like the previous 17 times I have hit one of the hundred milestones, I had visions of doing something really unique and creative. Most of the time I have very little time to be that creative. So instead I would post an image with the milestone number added to the image, just like I did today. I would then reflect on how much work some days it is to capture an image.

Today, I am just amazed I have posted 1800 images over 1800 days in a row. Yes, some days are harder than other days. Winter is tough. Race weekends sometimes get late, close to midnight (my deadline for the day) before I get to post an image. But overall, the last 1800 days have been fun, interesting and a big challenge. I hope it continues, the challenge that is and of course the fun. How long will I continue this project? Your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks to everyone over the years that have read my ramblings, looked at my images and have commented. I would still post my daily images even if nobody ever looked at them, but knowing some do is gratifying.

Newbie got to be number 1800 when he was helping me tonight work on eBay transactions. The work area is a mess, but he always finds a place to rest.

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