Day 1960, May 23, 2015 – White Flowers

White Flowers

White Flowers

What a day here in Southern Wisconsin. Great weather, ran into Madison, got some new hostas, worked in the shade area of our lawn, more woods than lawn, and now we are ready to plant! I did get to plant some herbs on the deck. Slow but sure on the yard this summer. Crutches are a real pain when trying to do yard work, plant, clean the hosta and fern area. Well they are a real pain in just about anything. I cannot recommend crutches. Do not break or sprain anything below your waist and you most likely will avoid crutches. I took the kids outside on the deck twice today, so I am the best Dad ever. Now they are both so tired they cannot keep their eyes open. Tomorrow, plant, plant, and more planting with some weeding too.

This image looks the best at full screen because of the detail I think.

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