Day 1969, June 1, 2015 – June Flowers

June Flowers

June Flowers

Not much today. Tried to do some chores around the house. With the slow Internet, we are in the bottom 5% of the USA in speed out here in the country, I could not get much done on the computer. Too cold to go our and plant, so I worked on chores.

This is Day 1969 of this project or Nineteen Sixty Nine. Nineteen Sixty Nine is the year I met my future wife, Ann. Even though after I graduated, we moved into town, from the country where we live behind the Supper Club restaurant, Ann and I lived less than a block apart, I met her through a mutual friend because they both worked at the Jefferson Dime Store. Remember Dime Stores? They were the early Wal-Marts, they had everything, run by a local business person. They are long gone, put out of business by the Wal-Marts, but when I visited my class mate, I noticed Ann. I asked her to go flying with me for a first date. Her Mom said no, but we did go out. We did go flying eventually, we even flew out to Buffalo New York to visit my Aunt and Uncle (and future flower girl). We dated until 1973 when we were married. That was a few years ago, well 42 years ago on May 26th. Time flies when you are having fun!

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