Day 1984, June 16, 2015 – Newbie & Kali Playing Paw Catch

Newbie & Kali Playing Paw Catch

Newbie & Kali Playing Paw Catch

Newbie and Kali got out on the deck more than normal today. They were good kids. Kali was hiding under the little Weber playing paw catch with Newbie. This first time she put her paw out, he jumped in the air. His right rear paw is not yet on the ground. They had fun tonight. Burgers on the grill for us, tuna for the kids, a great summer night.

So this is Picture-Of-The-Day image 1984. I should have done some thing for George Orwell or to remember the First Macintosh commercial, January 1984. One of the all time great commercials, set the standard for years to come. The book is in my top list too.

Speaking of 1984 and the Macintosh. Ann and I were at a vendor conference late 1984 that IBM and Microsoft were one of the main speakers. Bill Gates and his tech staff were holding a Q & A. Someone asked if the Macintosh with the new icons, mouse, etc. were something Microsoft would consider. Bill looked at one of the VPs and they both laughed, hard. Bill said (and if my memory is correct) “The new Macintosh operating system with a mouse, icons, etc. is a toy, a joke. No real computer user will want to use that type of operating system. DOS, entering commands by typing them is here to stay. Apple is on it’s way out. Within two years Apple will be out of business, just a blip in computer history.” I remember saying to Ann that they did not have a clue. Around the same time I was at another conference that IBM was putting on representing one of my consulting clients. A bunch of big wig IBM people were there telling how great IBM was and that any company not going with IBM would fail. Or something like that. At their Q & A, someone asked about why someone could get so much done on an Apple ][ and it took so long to program something on a mainframe. The IBM VP said personal computers were a fad. In the future there will be large mainframe computers connecting user homes and businesses. Everyone would have a terminal on their desk at work and one at home to use and for the kids to do homework on. He said forget the Apple ][ and the Macintosh. They were toys. Mainframe computers were the way to go. Later when IBM came to one of my clients to pitch a new IBM computer to replace their Honeywell Mainframe, the controller asked why he could use a spreadsheet on his Mac to get numbers the staff needed faster than programing the mainframe. The IBM salesman said personal computers were a fad. IBM had just come out with their own IBM personal computer, so he said if we upgraded to the IBM mainframe he was proposing, he would toss in a few IBM personal computers to set on desks. He said they were a fad, a terminal was better and it would please the staff until the mainframe programs were finished. Then they would just sit and gather dust. Those were the years.

I just wish I would have had an iPhone back then to capture video of both remarks. They would be gold on the Internet now!

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