Day 2018, July 20, 2015 – Frog



We have a good frog population in our original pond this year. We have 3 ponds, 2 are getting revamped, one, the original pond was updated last year. Last year we had only one or two frogs. This year, we have nine in the original pond, and three in the large pond with the cattails. We might have to get them some cricket treats for them. In years past we would hand feed the frogs. We would go to the pet store, get a dozen or two of live crickets and put them in a clear plastic cricket box. I would set the box at the side of the pond. The frogs would line up watching the crickets in the clear box, like frog TV. I would get out a cricket, hold it by it’s back legs and place it in front of the frog. He would grab it and down it would go. Each frog would get two or three crickets. They liked the cricket treats. It was fun.

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