Day 2051, August 22, 2015 – Retiring Them


Retiring Them

Since I broke my ankle in March, these three items have been in daily use. But I am retiring them. I have not used the crutches for a month, so they are being retired to the basement. My boot has had daily use since my last cast was removed. Monday this week was it’s last day of use, I am learning to walk again, so it will be retired to the basement. The handicap tag has been nice when I had issue walking. I have not used it for a couple weeks, so it will be filed away, hopefully never to be used again. I still have to use my ankle brace and most likely for the next several months. I am not yet walking normal, but that will come. At least I can retire some of the items that have been my daily companions since early March. It feels good to get rid of this items. For a while I thought I would never be rid of them.

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