Day 2055, August 26, 2015 – Kali On Deck

Kali On Deck

Kali On Deck

What a day, real busy. It started out by working out at Anytime Fitness, then finished up our front porch step & railing on one side, a quick lunch on deck with the kids & hummingbird, then a bunch of eBay transactions, and by then it was time to fix dinner to make sure it was done by the time Ann got home. I do not see how I can fit work into my schedule, but I will have to soon, as soon as the doctor releases me, the disability people say OK and work says OK to return. I never thought it would be so hard to go back to work. While I was getting dinner done on the deck, a humming bird that checks up on me, stopped by to say hi. Then Kali found a deck rail to her liking. She looked cute, so she ended up as Picture-Of-The-Day. OK, she always looks cute, but tonight she really looked cute on the railing with the sun filtering in through the trees.

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