Day 2123, November 2, 2015 – Uncle



When I came home tonight, Uncle was waiting for someone to get dinner for him. He looked so peaceful among the Fall leaves. For those who do not know, Uncle was at one time called Bully. He was the Bully in the neighborhood to the other feral cats. He would get into fights with all sorts of animals. Often we would see him with a torn ear, bloody this and that. We and our neighbors would feed the feral family (Newbie’s Mom and Dad) daily. They were caught after Newbie’s birth and neutered. As the years rolled along, Bully became Uncle Bully because he started to get along with our feral family better. He would have meals with them. He started to get closer to us. As he became a better member of our neighborhood, the Bully was for the most part dropped, and he just became Uncle. For some indigenous people of Alaska, the term Uncle is one reserved for those regarded with honor in their group. Elders, leaders, etc. In our neighborhood, Uncle now holds that honor, the elder of the group.

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