Day 2149, November 28, 2015 – Monticello

Day 2149We spent the day down in the place I was born in touring the country side, looking up the old homestead, having lunch and dinner with the foods I grew up with, and generally remembering the place I spent my first ten years on this rock floating through space. It is always good to reconnect once in awhile. We come back just about every year, but things change since I left 55 years ago. This image is of a farm outside Monticello that this farmer collects railroad items for his own track. But it sums up what has Monticello was, farms, cows and a railroad. Now 55 years later, there are still farms, just not as many, cows, not as many, and the railroad is gone replaced by a bike path. This little collection is all that remains of the railroad that used to run through town.

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