Day 2177, December 26, 2015 – New iPhones!

Day 2177Finally after years of our old iPhone 4s hardware, we upgraded to the new iPhone 6s. They were our Christmas gift to each other. I have to tell you, it was harder than buying a used car from a used car dealer! We knew the iPhone models we wanted. We knew the carrier we wanted, Sprint. But getting a straight and accurate answer from the different providers on price and availability, Sprint (both company stores and resellers), Best-Buy and finally Apple, provided a challenge. They would tell you one thing, then when you went back to firm things up, the story changed. Then everyone but Apple did not have the models we wanted in stock. Getting a straight delivery time was harder than getting the combination to our bank’s vault! Finally we went back to Apple, got not only straight answers to cost, upgrades, etc., but they had the models we wanted in stock, could deliver and help set them up in less than an hour. We walked out with our new iPhones, working, and an easy way to get our backup data on our new iPhones. We celebrated with pizza and beer!

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