Day 2197, January 15, 2016 – Mark & Ann

Day 2197There is a number of firsts with the posting of this image. I think this is the first selfie I have taken of Ann and I. It is the first time we were at Springers for our normal Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry in 2016. It is the first Springers selfie for 2016. Today was a struggle, so having something that turned out OK for today’s Picture-Of-The-Day image is not too bad. I was in Madison for my PT, I was at the car doctor for my 20k checkup, I was back at urgent care for an itching problem. In all, it was a busy day, so it was nice to sit at the bar on the lake for a cocktail before our Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry (I had baked, but it is still Fish on Friday!). We are “Old School” for our Wisconsin Supper Club type of dinners. We never go in and sit down. We always sit for about 45 minutes, have a cocktail, talk over our days, check our iPhones, and generally relax before dinner. Supper Club food is not fast food! It is just great food!

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