Day 2200, January 18, 2016 – The Bird

Day 2200I captured with my Nikon this lonely bird on our front walkway this morning as I left for work. It was really cold and this little bird was huddled on the walkway with his head tucked in his wing. He looked up as I left and then tucked his head back under his wing. I thought he was waiting for the sun to warm our walkway.

I did not think much about him since we have many forms of wild life living in the country. I also did not think about the three outside feral cats that walk up that same walkway to their huts and food.

When I came home there were a few feathers on the walkway. I guess that is either the circle of life or the feathers he lost in the struggle to escape the claws of one of the three cats. I like to thin he made his escape.

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