Day 2347, June 13, 2016 – Beer

Day 2347OK, after a almost 12 hour shift, I came home to fix dinner on the grill, some pig and corn. While waiting for the grill to get hot, the kids and I relaxed on the deck. After a full day of Diet Coke, a beer and some wine was the logical choice. I am not much of a beer drinker, but I do like beer cold, in a cold glass and not the normal corporate high volume beer. I like a good Amber. They are hard to find, but I do have some local Ambers. This was from New Orleans and was pretty good, not great, but above average. A little red wine with dinner and the issues of a long Monday at work seem to melt away.

Being on the deck with the kids, something other than Diet Coke to drink, looking over a green back yard, you have to relax and forget all your issues. I could go on about work, not being rich, no airplane to use, no race car, having to work, or having the belt on the Deere breaking just a few minutes into mowing the lawn. But sitting on the deck, most of that did not come up in conversation with the kids.

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