Day 2387, July 23, 2016 – Can You Guess

Day 2387Do you know what this image is? Very few will know. Today was a full day. Saturday is my only full day off normally in a given week lately because I am doing two jobs at work. So today started out with an oil change on Ann’s car, then grocery shopping, then a graduation party, then home for this image. If you do not know, this image is off a hose across a new waterbed mattress as it is being filled. We had to drain the old one because of leaks, and let me tell you that took some time. Then we had to get it out of the bedroom before starting to install the new mattress, heater and liner. All in all that was about 6 hours. So if you guessed a hose across a new waterbed mattress, raise your hand. You were correct.

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