Day 2500, November 13, 2016 – Kali

Day 2500Back to work today, not feeling all that well, after work sat in urgent care for some time, and back home in the dark for dinner with the family. I did not get a great opportunity to capture something for today’s Picture-Of-The-Day image. Kali was up for a fill in image. I guess another milestone day for this project. 2,500 days in a row capturing and then posting an image for each of those days. That is almost 7 years of images. Not a record I am sure, but for me, it is something to stick with it for so long. Sometimes I am asked how much longer. I don’t really know. When it is not fun I guess. Tomorrow it will be another day, another image to capture and post. Sometimes it is a struggle, other days so many images it is hard to pick just one. In any case, between Kali and Newbie, our kids, there will always be something cute to capture!

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