Day 2586, February 7, 2017 – MGA

Day 2586This little part is all I have left of my 1960 MGA Coupe. The rest went to someone who had more time and money to restore it back to it’s glory. It was part of the hood vent. I found it a few weeks ago in my process of cleaning and organizing my workshop/eBay work area. I do miss that car. It was the first car I purchased with my own money. I spent $100 in 1968 and received the car, three bushel baskets of engine parts, four cardboard boxes of engine and transmission parts, an engine block, and a transmission case. I proceeded to purchase a MGA shop manual, and start to put it back together. It was a great learning experience, to say the least. I did get it together, and after some effort, got it running. It was a blast to drive. It was crude compared to today’s cars, but at the time, with hardly any money, it was fun.

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